Chopper Oil 2.0 OZ Twinkle plus

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Chopper Oil is Twinkle Oil PLUS. Use as a night treatment to your skincare routine or as your go to hydrator morning and night. Gender neutral in it’s skin food components. Exceptional as a beard and brow oil.

2 reviews for Chopper Oil 2.0 OZ Twinkle plus

  1. Michael Coakley

    This product is incredibly problematic. I mean, my beard and skin are silky smooth and they smell amazing, but since I started using Chopper Oil I’ve had to beat the ladies away with a stick. I mean, they just comes in droves. I’m absolutely exhausted. This should come with some sort of warning label. Guys, ONLY use this if you want to be painfully irresistible. If you’re expecting less you’re asking for trouble. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pet my face for a bit.

  2. Rachel

    This stuff is magic. It turned my dad’s beard from caveman to David Letterman after one use! And it smells great!

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