Winter Frost Formula Twinkle Oil 4.OZ

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Winter Frost formula is balanced especially to combat the temperature and extremity of the winter and ever shifting temperature season. My warm weather formula is balanced and finished a bit lighter to adjust for extra humidity and ph changes caused from environmental exposure.

4 reviews for Winter Frost Formula Twinkle Oil 4.OZ

  1. Melissa Evans

    This is my go to oil after shaving, or any cosmetic treatment ( laser, microneedling,etc) it’s also perfect to sleep with to hydrate my skin overnight. The best part is you get SO MUCH at such a great price!

  2. Bernadette Thompson

    I started using Twinkle oil several years ago and it beats all the high end department store skin care I have ever used. I got two bottles for my sisters, one who lives in Florida, and they both saw a noticeable improvement with 2 weeks. I constantly get compliments on how healthy my face looks and I tell everyone about twinkle oil. No matter what skin type you have, you will love Twinkle Oil!

  3. Kathy

    I have been using this for years. It is the best moisturizer for my face, sometimes I put a little bit in my hair, and it works really good on my cracked heels in the summer. It is just a go to all-around beauty product.

  4. Bethany Huskey

    This entire skincare line completely changed my skin. I started using the oil on my face after a hysterectomy wrecked my skin. I was skeptical to using the oil over a cream moisturizer I had been using since I was a teen. Now I can’t imagine using anything else. I use the oil on my scars and stretchmarks as well. I love keeping the oil in the fridge and applying cold. It feels amazing and leave my skin dewy. The toner and cleanser are amazing too. The cleanser is so light and foaming but moisturizing at the same time. A little of each of these products goes a long way too. Once you start using this skincare line, you’ll never go back!

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