Twilight scalp serum

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Like a facial for your scalp.  Treat your scalp as the skin it truly is.

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4 reviews for Twilight scalp serum

  1. Heather Anderson (verified owner)

    Twilight scalp serum has been such a life saver. After receiving treatment for reproductive cancer which put me into immediate menopause my hair and scalp were suffering. I felt like my scalp was crawling. Adding Twilight serum to my wash routine has given me such relief. It also does not harm my vividly colored hair. Ruby is truly a magician.

  2. Virginia Vanderford (verified owner)

    The Twinkle scalp serum is amazing and made by an amazing human! It has kept my daughter’s scalp from drying out and cracking. Every product this amazing human makes is top of the line products. She also is the most awesome vivid hair guru in the world!

  3. Anna

    Since I’ve started using Twilight Scalp Serum my head itchiness has gone away entirely! Being a once a week washer, by day 3 or 4 my scalp becomes itchy – however, by adding in this product to my routine, I can go my full week with no scratching! I put mine on the night before hair washing day and sleep with it in. It has such a pleasant scent and feels really great to apply. (I part my hair and ensure I get good scalp contact then give myself a massage. I’ll reapply a few extra drops in my typical itchy areas) The following day I’ll wash and have super healthy hair and a happy scalp!

  4. Caitlin A

    This scalp serum is, in short terms, absolutely amazing! I have had awful scalp psoriasis since I was a child, and no matter what medications I was put on, nothing seemed to help the itching and flakiness. But now, my scalp is healing after so many years! The small patches are gone, my worst ones are shrinking, and the flakiness almost gone! Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this serum for changing my life!

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