We offer full makeup and hair services
for the entire bridal party!

Booking an On-site technician has tremendous advantages!  Having your glamour tech on-site for any last minute changes, emergency touch up’s or in case of any emergency is the must have for today’s bride!  After contacting me for date availability the process of booking begins.  When a date is secured a non refundable booking fee is paid based on the size of the party.  This fee applies towards your total package plan.  It is held to secure your date and enter into contract with Ruby Blush Boutique.

We will work side by side to plan your perfect look and make sure every detail is arranged.  If you are out of town planning for your destination wedding we will work via email, cell, Skype, and anything we need to plan.  Brides locally may opt for an in person meeting where we discuss all aspect and dreams for your special day!  Practice time and run throughs are also highly encouraged and can be added to a package for pricing listed below. Both local and long distance brides are highly encouraged to book practice time.  We understand schedules can be tight and hectic when flying in for a destination wedding.  We will do our best to accommodate your time requests and work a practice session into your travel plans if you should decide for one. The sooner your know your plans the better to secure your time slot.

*If you change your date to an unavailable date or choose to cancel services you are not entitled to a refund of the booking fee.  No exceptions.

On-site wedding services are included as follows:

Practice Sessions

Meet with me in person at a designated time and either in salon or virtually.  Bookings are a minimum of 2 hours to talk details, go through desired looks, practice techniques, and brainstorm ideas.  This is the time to try everything you are undecided on and commit to a brilliant plan you and your technician feel pleased with.  Practice time guarantees smooth sailing the day of your event where your looks are concerned! (fees to be paid directly to the technician at time of service or arranged in a billing plan package prior to service.  No refunds)

Practice sessions $30/hr

Booking Fee

Booking fee is minimum of $100.00 or maximum of 20% of your package estimate.  This is non refundable and applies towards your total package price.  Your date can not be secured until the Booking Fee has been paid and cleared.