The “Lea” Mermaid Tiara
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]his Mermaid Tiara is named for my beautiful friend Lea. Lea is a vivacious, spirit-filled, adventurous and vibrant woman. She easily lights up any room she enters and has a genuine love for all those privileged to know her and have her in their lives. She has talent in every tiny finger tip and the heart of a true artist. She always allowed me to give her the most beautiful of Mermaid hair dus! In fact, she has inspired me in many ways while creating this beach collection. When choosing a color pallet, I selected a variation of cotton candy pinks, soft pastel blues, whispering violets and creamy hues. Mimicking my favorite color pallet we created for Lea’s hair–which was completely inspired by a “cotton candy kissed mermaid.” I used fresh water pearls, chosen for their classy and timeless elegance; a representation of Lea and the many dress up adventures we have had.

This crown is my largest yet! The size, representing strength and determination, makes a strong statement with a stunning presence; which is exactly how I see my friend Lea. Decorated with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and ubiquitous sparkle, this tiara is the perfect blend of stature and brilliant femininity. All sea shells used were handpicked from the beaches of Kauai. They’ve been seasoned in the Hawaiian sun, polished by the sand and blessed by the sea. Every detail was inspired by the beautiful heart and character of this woman I value so much in my life. Lea, I love you and I’m honored to know you as I do. Thank you for blessing my life with your presence.