The “Regina” Mermaid Comb
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]he Laura and the Regina were commissioned by my beautiful friend and client Laura. She asked me to create two pieces that inspired, “completion of a difficult task.” One piece would be a gift to a special lady, who was also my dear friend, and the other for herself. It seemed fitting that the pieces should emulate the beauty and energy of these two remarkable ladies. Regina is perhaps one of the most vibrant, fun, inspiring and enjoyable women I’ve ever known. Her sense of humor, spontaneity and joyous personality is infectious. I created the Regina Mermaid Comb with soft white beach glass sprinkled with gold accents; as her namesake has a heart of pure love and is lined with gold. I added some golden spiral dipped wire to represent the creativity and excitement always evident in my sweet friend Regina. And light-blue aqua colored beach glass leaves, because green wouldn’t have been dramatic enough . . . even the way the flower lounges on its Kauai driftwood platform is deliberate and inspired by my friend . . . I love you Lady; miss you so.

All beach glass found on the beaches of Kauai, blessed by the sea, seasoned in the sun and polished by the sand.

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