The “Annemarie” Mermaid Tiara
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]he Annemarie Mermaid Tiara is named for my beautiful Aunt. She and I have shared a special bond since I was little and there is no woman in my family I admire more. I have watched her overcome great trials and tribulations and come out on top. She has taken on tremendous responsibility and flourished, even in her suffering. Which she offers in sacrifice for the greater good of all around her. She lives a powerful spirit filled life guided by her extreme and beautiful love for Jesus. She is a warrior and pillar of strength. We share the same Bipolar diagnoses and I have found that bond to be magical, as I’ve seen her navigate that part of her life with determination while maintaining a firm grip on her purpose for her life. She is my solid hope and rock through much difficulty and I couldn’t be more proud to say she is MY aunty. She is an artist, a rock singer, an entrepreneur, a spirit filled christian, a servant of others, a daughter, a sister, a wife… and My Aunty.

I chose bright white coral for this Tiara. Her spirit is brilliant and filled with light so I covered the coral base with aqua, blue, teal, and ocean colored jewels all over. I used Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, freshwater pearls, crystals and beads–I know my Aunty radiates aqua colored energy. It’s evident in her beautiful spirit. Her love of the islands and swimming in the beautiful tropical ocean is another reason I chose this simple color pallet. All seashells, coral, beach glass and whimsical ocean treasures are authentic Kauai-born materials found on the golden sandy beaches. They are seasoned in the Hawaiian sun, polished by the sand, and blessed by the sea. My sweet Aunty . . . you are so loved. I believe there is nothing you can’t conquer in this life with ultimate certainty. I am so proud of you! You make me want to be the best me I can be. Know that your power of influence reaches far and wide . . . and your life has supreme purpose. I love you so.