The “Katty” Mermaid Tiara
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]he Katty Tiara is an exceptional piece inspired by an extraordinary lady and a special cause. My sweet friend Katty is a public figure, model, blogger, tutorial teacher, vintage enthusiast, artist, animal activist, and overall advocate for women everywhere. She frequently supports charitable causes of all kinds and is an inspiration to all who know her.

She recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I knew right away I wanted to create a piece inspired by her beautiful nature and full of colorful life. I dont know a single person who has something less than praise worthy to say about this woman. Her image inspires joy and her timeless beauty is not easily rivaled. With a heart as big as her vintage hair du’s, she is more than the real deal. Loving, kind and truly stunning from the inside out, she gives of herself daily and without expectation of reciprocity. As she has been enduring this challenge in her life, she has conveyed much positivity and continued to use those sentiments as a way to encourage others. To know her is to love her instantly.

NO simple shells would do for such a muse… I chose to hand paint each shell and arrange them into big vibrant, almost animated, flowers. I chose more of a crown shape to display a larger than life impact and covered it in sparkly crystals of all kinds. Sprinkled in rhinestones, Swarovski elements, freshwater pearls and authentic sea shells I found in Kauai, this tiara is seasoned in the Hawaiian sun, polished by the sand and blessed by the sea. A floating veil of white fresh water pearls cascades over the sea shell flowers, giving a very delicate and ethereal effect. The result is bridal, yet fantasy-like. All the colors and stones, shells and beads were chosen specifically to honor this fine lady. I feel very pleased with its finished creation and dedicate it to its namesake. It was my hope to capture elements of her vibrancy in this tiara and offer its sale and proceeds to further thyroid cancer research.

Katty you are courageous and blessed with a level of influence you truly nourish with positivity and philanthropy. I am thankful for how this project has already blessed me and look forward to more opportunities to see this cause to fruition. You are very loved sweet lady. xoxoxo