The “Ashley” Mermaid Comb
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]his comb was a commissioned piece inspired by and created for my “sister-to-be” Ashley. My brother approached me to create something for her, and I chose her favorite colors of aqua, blue, and greens to create this one of a kind beach glass flower. The amber accents inspired by Ashley’s golden blonde hair and the delicate quality of this petaled flower remind me of her sparkling compassion and sweet disposition. The coral center is home to dozens of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, beads and tiny Kauai shells bedazzled at it’s heart, just like it’s namesake.

Each beach glass flower is like a puzzle piece to be constructed when each piece finds it’s way to the other . . . together they build and grow, bloom and create the finished result. Perched on a piece of Kauai driftwood . . . each treasured piece from the ocean has been seasoned by the sun, washed by the sea and polished by the sand. A one of a kind hair dazzle, made for a woman with the most radiant heart. Ashley, you are the epitome of the phrase,“beautiful inside and out.”

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