The “Faith” Mermaid Tiara
by Ruby Von Blush

[dropcap type=”square”]T[/dropcap]his Mermaid Tiara took longer to create than any I have made so far. I started collecting specific types of shells and scoured the beaches of Kauai, for the perfect color scheme to best represent the vision I had in mind. My dear friend Faith, is a super-talented and incredibly creative jewelry designer. When I decided that I wanted to make a Tiara honoring her, I knew it would take some time to get it just right. Faith is one of the first friends I made when moving to Kansas City, years ago. We bonded over a love of many common interests and became very close. Over the years I have watched her passion for what she does grow and it has inspired me on many levels. Her circle of influence is vast and she wears the badge of great clout with modesty and grace. She inspires benevolence in everyone she touches, both in day-to-day affairs and through her jewelry.

I chose a very earthy color scheme of warm golds, champagnes, creamy whites, hints of rich ebony, citrine and sunset tones to symbolize Faith’s love of this planet and its magical energy. I’ve never met someone so appreciative of the gifts of nature, that they radiate its light and positivity to everyone around them. She is an animal lover and voice for innocent life. She delights in seeing things grow and nurturing her plants with love and sustenance. She dances in moonlight and basks in the warmth of the sun. The tiara’s earthy elements are set on sparkle with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. I sprinkled the crown with freshwater pearls, both black and white, to fulfill all elements of the Earth’s gifts. I also included subtle metallic components to represent Faith’s love of metal and everything shiny. Even the design and arrangement of the shell flowers is purposeful and inspired by my sweet friend. Authentic Kauaian born shells and coral were seasoned in the Hawaiian sun, polished by the sand and blessed by the sea. I am so delighted with the outcome; inspired by my sweet friend and muse! Thank you Faith, for being the beautiful soul that you are. Thank you for inspiring positivity in everything you touch and for being such a wonderful light in my life. I love you so!