[dropcap type=”square”]F[/dropcap]or some time a fabulous team and collaboration of brilliant artists have been working hard on a cause near and dear to their hearts. This particular project is 100% dedicated to charity and its sole purpose was to facilitate fundraising for people suffering the effects of thyroid cancer. Due to the nature of the charity rules and regulations for publication, we have been unable to share much about the project because it’s eligible for several fundraising possibilities.

Today we would like to share a preview with you that begins our journey towards creating awareness for our project. Our hope is to raise as much money as possible for The American Cancer Society Thyroid Cancer Research Development and Relief Fund. Inspired by the real struggle of many I know and love, I feel compelled to do SOMETHING to help.

The Katty Project was born out of and inspired by the experience that my sweet friend endured while diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Kemberley Elliott (Katty Delux): public figure, model, blogger, tutorial teacher, vintage enthusiast, artist, animal activist, and overall advocate for women everywhere has persevered publicly and documented her journey with strength, dignity and courage. As a commemorative I created a Mermaid Tiara with her namesake. Collaborating with Monkey Wrench Clothing, owner and fashion designer Celine Collins, jumped onboard and together we designed a gown that matched the Tiara perfectly. Celine’s dedication to perfection shows in the superior quality of this gown. I was blown away at seeing Katty for the first time in these creations that were so destined to belong together.

Talented photographer Kris Hanke, of Fade 9 Photography agreed to donate his time and precision skills in a detailed and elaborate photoshoot to serve as our campaign material. His skill and know how in creating exactly my vision has been instrumental to this blessed project.

Kurt Hanover, a renown and multi-talented performer, came aboard cast as my pirate in this mermaids story. He was the ideal counterpart to complete the story in my mind and also came with quite a lot of photography skill and assistance as well. The Longview Mansion donated their space for our shoot and provided the perfect ambiance to a theatrical landscape.

The Tiara, the incredible gown, and several images of this project will be live auctioned with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the ACS Thyroid Cancer Relief fund. It’s exciting, and has real potential to help a lot of people if we can do our part in publicity.

Our plea to you is to get involved. Like, Share, and spread the word any way you can to get as many eyes as possible pointed at our cause. I dont know a single person who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way. Let’s have big dreams together. Let’s make a large donation for a great cause. Please go to the link below to enter your information on my website to be notified when auction details become available. Stay tuned for more ways to take part and get involved.

As always, thank you to my incredible team for your hard work and dedication to this. You are all invaluable to me. I couldn’t be more pleased at the result and look forward to us making a real difference for something so worthy. Special Thanks to Cole Johnson as well for putting up with me and helping assist with absolutely everything to bring this to reality. None of this would have happened without your help from day one.